One of the most modern equipment available in our physical therapy center is the water treadmill Hydro-Physio.

This is a unique treadmill that works underwater, in a water tank made out of glass.
It can be filled with temperature-controlled water within about three minutes while water leveland resistance can be adjusted according to each patients age, height and disorder.

The advantages of exercising in water are very impressive and contribute to great rehabilitation results.
Reduced pain in joints, flexibility and balance improvement, muscle relaxation, pain reliefand improvement of blood circulation are some of them.

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Butterfly tub

The butterfly tub owes its name to its practical and ergonomic shape.
This, along with its size, guarantees maximum freedom of movement for the patient, allowing relaxation of the whole body without any danger of hitting the sides of the bath.

The areas on the upper part and sides provide good access to the therapist in order to be able to supervise and support each patient.
Thistub is especially suitable for athletes that have strong muscle strains, or patients of any age that have musculosceletal or neurological problems.

It has a very powerful system for underwater massage installed and its ergonomic shape allows the use of it all over the body if it is necessary.

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