Director: Nikos Pantazis

Born in Athens in 1949 and graduated from the Athens School of physical therapy in 1970,
he became the director of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries at Medical Center of Athens hospital in 1993.

In his younger age, he was champion of Greece in long distance and since 1972 he is working as head of the physical therapy and rehabilitation staff in the professional Greek football team AEK F.C.
His hard work, specialization and perseverance made him well known and successful rehabilitator of professional athletes.

He has participated in many scientific publications and international sports conferences related to football injuries and knee rehabilitation.
Treatment methods that can be used for faster and successful recovery in sports injuries were always in his interest so he dedicated a great amount of time implementing new techniques.

Over the years of involvement in physical therapy he has gained experience and knowledge that made him one of the most trustworthy professionals in this field.



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