Welcome to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries, an organized department of Athens Medical Center hospital, that specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation of sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems and chronic diseases.

Our main goal is the fastest and most effective treatment of our patients, therefore we provide them with the latest methods of rehabilitation using advanced technology. In our center there is a specialized gym fully equipped with high class machinery.

We operate since 1993 under the directions of  Mr. Nikos Pantazis, in a large-450sq.m and well organized department of Athens Medical Center hospital (Building C, Floor 0). Over these years we successfully treated not only athletes, but also many other patients of any age and disorder.

Our staff is well educated, shows care, kindness and understanding to each patient’s situation creating a very comfortable and friendly environment. In addition, there is great cooperation with the appropriate specialist doctors in order to achieve best results in treatment.

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